Trail Cameras
Great value promise of, all cameras permanently priced low!


Scoutguard SG550+8GB

  - compact, vivid pictures and great video, very long battery life. The most durable!



A trail camera with GSM functionality built in.Remote monitor a location. Remote access anywhere in the world!


Ltl Acorn 5210A+8GB

12 Mega pixel version, packed full of additional features such as time lapse, very long batter life.The most features!


Scoutguard pocket trail cam+ 8GB

Ultra slim, ultra low power consumption.The trail camera that uses just 4 AA batteries and fits in your pocket!


Ltl-6210MC 940nm+8GB

Invisible LEDs, 12MP pictures, HD video with audio. HD & audio!


Ltl Acorn 5211A 940nm +8GB

An even more covert version of the Ltl-Acorn. At night the LEDs remain dark.The stealthiest of trail cameras


Ltl Acorn 6210MM MMS 940nm+8GB

At night the LEDs remain dark in addition to the MMS function.HD, remote access and fully covert!



GSM/GPRS functionality built in. Also 940nm. Remote monitor a location. Remote access anywhere in the world!


Scoutguard SG560K-12M+8GB

Black LED, long range night vision and long range sensor. Long range!

ltl5310WA small

Ltl Acorn 5310WA 940nm+8GB

Invisible, wide angle and extra led's. Unique wide angle 100º

Scoutguard SG982K-10M small


GSM/GPRS functionality built in. Also 940nm. Remote monitor a location.Remote access anywhere in the world, 2 way communication and sound!

SG860C-HD scoutguard

Scoutguard SG860C-HD

8 megpixel, HD video and 8GB memory Unique Visible light colour night videos and photos

ltl6310wmc small

Ltl Acorn 6310WMC 940nm+8GB

Invisible, wide angle, HD and extra led's. Unique wide angle 100º

ltl-acorn 6310wmg

Ltl Acorn 6310WMG 940nm+8GB

Wide angel GSM/GPRS functionality built in. Also 940nm. Remote monitor a location.HD, wide angel and remote access.

SG860C-HD scoutguard
Out of stock!

Scoutguard SG570BW

10 megpixel, HD video, invisible close range. Close range model for birds & other small mammals or close situations.


Scoutguard SG562BW

12 megapixel, HD, invisble, bird/small creature and larger/far settings. Dual near and far setting for both close up and far away objects.


Why choose the GLi trail cameras over the similar competitor products on the market?:  We enjoy wildlife so we know what to look for. We always supply the most current technology, always new stock never more than a few months from manufacture and our trail cameras have additional features, higher numbers of mega pixel, higher quality LCD's, more LED's, we've go the activation down to 1 second on most of the models we supply (competitive products are almost always 2 to 3 seconds) some of our cameras have additional features such as invisible night vision, remote access to pictures, HD video with audio, the Scoutguard always includes the full LCD colour monitor as standard and the ltl acorn has additional features such as time lapse in addition to moon and temperature.

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Inspection Camera
Inspection camera
flexible and rigid

1 Year Warranty on all products