CR1107(A) Underwater Camera

A fantastic professional underwater camera kit in a sturdy protective case, fully portable, include all parts to get going: a high quality LCD display, 60 feet of waterproof cable, high quality CCD camera capable of visibility in both light and the dark and battery. Includes a camera that can be remote controlled 360o with its movement and lights. Temperature and depth sensors add industrial, scientific and educational features.

CR1107(B) + sensors

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A high resolution camera kit with cable and 7" LCD screen, the complete kit is self contained so can be taken on your boat, in your boot or carry with you almost anywhere.

rotating_camera Includes rotating colour camera and remote control. Temperature and depth sensor - we have included the full features in this kit. Lights for night vision/low light levels

Kit includes: Everything you need to get started, to use straight away: Camera, cable, monitor, battery, connects in a sturdy shock proof travel case.

Product Description:

7inch TFT LCD color monitor.
LED lights for low light and night vision.
60ft waterproof cable.
Rechargeable battery.
CCD camera.
The camera can rotate 360''.
Temperature sensor displays temperature on screen
Depth sensor displays depth on screen
High resolution display.
Can be connected to 2 cameras and VCR.
3 ways power supply:
AC 110-240V 60/51Hz(with power switch)
DC 12V-15V car/boat cord
Battery power supply (rechargeable batteries included)
Dimension: 276*231*257mm

Fix Method Belt, Tripod Yes
Waterproof IP54 Yes
Operation Temperature -30 ~+70°C/-22~+158°F Yes
Operation Humidity 5% ~ 95% Yes
Certificate FCC & CE & RoHS Yes

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