Brinno security (& WilDLife) Camera MAC200DN

The Brinno MAC200DN is a battery powered portable security camera, triggered by Motion Detection (PIR) or a Fixed Capture Rate (Time Lapse) or Brinno’s new Hybrid Mode ® (Time Lapse +Motion Detection).

The MAC200DN is a time lapse security camera and motion photo camera, 2-in-1. The MAC200DN will take photos at whichever interval the user sets but also has the option to take a rapid series of photos and continuing photos on motion. The MAC200DN also makes a very good time lapse and wildlife camera because it not only records the area over a period of time but also captures all of the animal action (any movement). The camera can record in low light conditions and is also compatible with infra red light (IR) such as the Brinno APL200 (not included).

Brinno Pan Lapse (MAC200DN)


Security and wildlife camera that has:

  • 14 month battery life!
  • Time lapse and motion activated or both together (hybrid) settings.
  • Loop record optional - if memory card is full it can keep recording.
  • Compatble with IR light (not included).
  • Weatherproof and no cables.


Dual Protection® Capture Mode

Time Lapse Capturing + Motion Activated

Capture any movement with either Motion Activation or a preset Time Lapse setting. The MAC200DN automatically converts photos into an easy to view/review Time Lapse Video. You can review an entire days activity in a couple of minute

TLC200 Pro part 7

Model MAC200DN  
LCD Screen 1.44" TFT LCD
Waterproof IPX4
Capture Mode
Motion Activated PIR motion detection (captured 2~3 frames per second)
Time Lapse Fixed Capture Rate (captured 1 frame per time interval)
Hybrid Combine Time lapse and Motion activated mode
Motion Sensor
Detect Distance 6 m
Detect Angle 100°
Night Vision option
(Always turn Night Vision on)
Infra red light not included!
(Always turn Night Vision off)
Infra red light not included!
(the camera will auto turn Night Vision on at sunset, turn Night Vision off at sunrise )
Infra red light not included!
Image Sensor
Type 1/4" CMOS sensor
Resolution 1.3 Mega pixel
Pixel size 2.8 um
Sensitivity 2500 mV/lux-sec (Good low light quality)
Optics Lens
Aperture f2.0
Field of View 75°
Focal Length 28 mm (35mm equivalent)
Focus Distance 60 cm(Minimum)
Video Fast Playback Time Lapse Video
Format AVI
Resolution 720P( 1280x 720)
Memory Storage SD Card (Supported up to 32 GB)
Power source 2x D cell Batteries
Battery Life 14 months*
External Power DC IN: 5V
Camera Body Dimension
Size (DxWxH) 106x 110x 78 mm
Weight 250 g (without batteries)
Color Black
Operating Temperature
-4°F to 122°F
-20°C to 50°C



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