Scoutguard bIRD, small creatures & CLOSE-UP TRAIL CAMERA

This is a trail camera specifically designed for the capture of close range creatures - birds, small mammals and other small creatures. The Scoutguard SG570BW bird watch camera provides sharp, blur free 10 megapixel and HD video close up 0.3 to 2 meters (1 to 6 feet). The SG570BW is 940nm for invisible night vision and so won't attract attention. Battery life in standby is 3 months+.

If you wish to capture birds, rodents amphibians and snakes then this is the camera for you. If you also want to capture a person close range without blur then this camera is also for you (above your porch/front door, set in a tree or similar scenario. While other non-specialist trail cameras may blur the motion, the camera is set to minimize it and we have found it does fill that niche very well. Designed to focus without blurring on close up creatures stationary or in motion. The camera has a 0.8 second response time and is set to a fast shutter speed. The PIR should wake up the camera as the object enters the side view ready to take the picture as the object moves in front of the lens. Includes 8GB memory and built in LCD viewer.



10 mega pixel, HD video, 940nm invisible LEDS , close range, 0.8s response time.


Kit includes:SG570-BW 940nm Camera wood effect camouflag /USB cable/Belt/Manual/Guarantee card/LCD protector/8GB SD

Full specification:

  • 5Mega Pixels CMOS sensor, high quality 10MP picture
  • True 720P HD Video with non-interpolated resolution of 1280x720
  • Focus Range: 1ft - 6ft (0.3M - 2.0M)
  • Almost No Motion Blur
  • Full Color Picture and Video at day, black Picture/video at night
  • Detection Range: up to 50 feet /15 meters
  • IR Illumination Range: up to 45 feet / 14 meters
  • Anti-theft Remote Controller with Built-in Color viewer, easy to operate
  • Auto moveable IR-cut lens to switch between day and night (a patented design, not a defect)
  • Compact size, well designed digital scouting camera (5-1/2X3-1/4X2 inches)
  • Ultra low stand-by power consumption (<0.2Ah/month), extreme durable and convenient with AA batteries (>80days)
  • Quick trigger time (0.8s)
  • Lockable with mounting strap, nail/screw and cable lock
  • Additonal components: remote control programmer, mounting strap,  and USB cable for PC
  • Support up to 32G SD/SDHC cards


Optional accessories for the Scoutguard series:

ltl_sun_ small

Scoutgaurd solar charger - This neat little solar panel consists of a solar cell with a 1500mAH battery built in. When the sun shines on the panel the battery will charge up and power the camera.

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1 Year Warranty on all products